Mhouse WG20 The most powerful, for swing gates in Ontario

MHouse WG20 gate automation systems in Ontario

MHouse Gate Openers for Ontario

The MHouse range was established by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gate operators so as to meet all of the challenges posed by commercial operators when applied to the domestic market.

One of the main objectives for MHouse was to maintain the industrial strength of its motors but apply easy to use electronics with intelligent programming. What this means to the building industry is that installers can easily learn to program and repair operators with simple plug-in controllers.

Being a low voltage unit allows the gate installer to eliminate the risks of the higher voltage operators and minimizes the need for qualified electricians.

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MHouse Gate Opener


Gate automation is becoming more and more popular with new and existing gates. At Accurate Overhead Limited we can fit gate automation to your existing gate or we build a new gate and fit automation. Accurate Overhead Limited uses Mhouse gate automation systems which provide quite and reliable operation with a 2 year warranty. Mhouse products are Italian manufactured and designed.

RESIDENTIAL SWING GATE MOTORS If you have a single or double swing gate we a motor to suit your requirements. We can install for you or you can install it yourself with the easy plug and play connections. 2 Speeds Timed and adjustable Partial opening Low voltage automatic closing function Easy connection with Self programming Upto 150 Transmitters ECS bus system

WG20 Mhouse 24v 400kg Worm Drive Motor Heavy Duty Features, 2 Remote Transmitters, Upto 4.5 Meter Leaf.

WG20 Gate Opener

The powerful solution featuring a simple and linear design for your Ontario swing gates

Product Description

Automating your driveway gates has never been easier thanks to the Mhouse range of high quality, safe, powerful and simple to install gate opener automation kits.

The WG20 gate opener is the powerful and simple solution for the automation of residential timber or metal double gates, where each leaf weighs up to 400kg and measures up to 4m in width.

This automation gate opener kit is compatible with all Accurate Overhead's double driveway gates.

The WG20 driveway gate opener kit contains everything you need to convert a driveway gate to a fully automated system including:

  • 2 x WG10 Electromechanical worm gear motor with three Mhouse release keys and adjustable mounting brackets included.
  • 2 TX4 433.92MHz 4 buttons variable code transmitters
  • 1 PH1 Pair of wall-mounted autosynchronized photocells
  • 1 KS1 Two-position (open/stop)
  • key-operated selector switch
  • with pair of metal keys
  • 1 FL1 Adjustable flashing light with incorporated aerial
  • 1 CL2 External control unit for control of two WG10 series electromechanical gear motors with integrated 433.92MHz variable code receiver.

System Features

Easy Installation - Only two wires are required for polarity free connection of the main system components. The colour coded terminals, each of which identifies a set, enable quick, error-proof connection. The aerial is integrated in the flashing light for greater protection. No welding is required for system installation and the kit is supplied with adjustable multi-position mounting brackets.

Silent and Reliable - The body is made of painted die-cast aluminium and the mechanical parts are made of metal.

Maximum Safety - Safety is ensured by the low voltage connections and the automatic obstacle detection feature.

System Functions

  • 2 Speeds: Slow for heavy gates, slow or fast for lighter gates
  • Adjustable automated timed closing of the gate after each opening manoeuvre
  • Partial opening of gate, to restrict entry to pedestrians or bicycles only
  • Adjustable obstacle sensitivity
  • Up to 130 degree opening angle

WG20 Kit

WG20 Kit for the automation of a residential two-leaf gate, each leaf measuring up to 4m in width and weighing up to 400kg for leaf

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Mhouse WG20 The most powerful, for swing gates in Ontario

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