Mhouse WG20 The most powerful, for swing gates in Ontario

MHouse WG20 gate automation systems in Ontario

MHouse Gate Openers for Ontario

Do it yourself kits from Accurate Overhead

Designed for easy installation so you can DO-IT-YOURSELF. No complicated wiring, simply plug in! Maximum ease of installation and user safety ensured by the low-voltage 24V connection.

Until now, automated gate systems have been a luxury that few could afford. Now we can offer you low-cost, high-specification kits that you can install yourself and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! And you don't have to be a Do-it-Yourself expert to fit these gate opener kits - just about anyone could do it.

  • Fit to OLD or NEW gates
  • No welding or complicated wiring
  • Simply plug into a 13-amp socket

This kit is suitable for a pair of wrought iron style or wooden residential driveway gates up to 26' (8m) wide, weighing up to 500kg, hung between posts.

Features include:

  • 24V for added safety
  • Colour-coded terminals for quick, error-proof connection
  • Manual release system
  • Variable opening/closing speed
  • Partial opening, for restricting access
  • Adjustable automatic closing
  • Adjustable obstacles detection
  • Optional battery back-up

Kit Comprises:

  • 2 noiseless 24V motors
  • External control unit
  • 2 pre-memorized hand-held transmitters
  • Two-position key-operated selector switch and 2 keys
  • 2 wall-mounted auto-synchronized photocells
  • Adjustable self-diagnostic flashlight with incorporated aerial
  • 3 manual release keys
  • 2 adjustable multi-position motor mounting brackets

We recommend that you contact our Technical Sales Desk in Toronto Ontario for any other information.


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Mhouse WG20 The most powerful, for swing gates in Ontario

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